Chatterson Performance Based Marketing

We're a performance-based marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses grow and scale

Chatterson was born out of a desire to find the perfect balance between effective marketing and efficient marketing.









We use our proven process to find out what IT takes for your business to win, and then we help you get there.

Our team

We’re a team of growth-minded, action-oriented individuals that thrive on problem solving.
Chatterson Team: Gabe Kane

Gabe Kane

President + Managing Director
Chatterson Team: Jason Hardy

Jason Hardy

Chatterson Team: Ashley Lloyd

Ashley Lloyd

Director of Operations
Chatterson Team: Emma Mackenzie

Emma Mackenzie

Director of Creative + Strategy
Chatterson Team: Melissa Schofield

Melissa Schofield

Project Manager
Chatterson Team: Tyler Mackenzie

Tyler Mackenzie

Lead Developer + Martech Director
Chatterson Team: Dani Massee

Dani Massee

Graphic Designer
Chatterson Team: Damien Fortune

Damien Fortune

Digital Media Specialist
Chatterson Team: Francesca Robert

Francesca Robert

Digital Media Specialist
Chatterson Team: Ashley Dancey

Ashley Dancey

Executive + Administrative Assistant

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